Lafayette Radiotelegraphic station - Croix d'Hins - France

History notes (part 3)

Starting from 1920, the LY station was tele-operated from the Bureau Central Radiotelegraphique in Paris, operating the french network   (on 1922) :
Tour Eiffel (FL), Paris
Basse-Lande (UA), Nantes
St Pierre des Corps
La Fayette (LY)
La Doua (YN), Lyon
Villejuif receiving station (until 1923)

In the early 1920's, the station was carrying unilateral telegraphic transmissions to :
- TANANARIVE  (for Madagascar, Reunion, Comores)
- DJIBOUTI  (for Cote des Somalis)
- BRAZZAVILLE (for Afrique Equatoriale)
- RUFISQUE, DAKAR  (for Senegal and Mauritania)
- CONAKRY, for Guinea
- FORT-DE-FRANCE (for Martinique)
- CAYENNE (for Guyana)
- SAIGON  (for Indochina)

That was on 23450 meters.

There were also time and scientific signals as well as daily broadcasts to embassies. As an example, in January 1923, LY transmitted 104050 words.
From 1921, The  SAINTE-ASSISE station was included in the network. Seems it was handling communication with US and Canada. 
From 1924 there was a broadcast station (on 1950 m) to become Bordeaux-Lafayette-PTT state radio station in 1926 (on 438 m).

Among the subsequent transmitters (lamps):
1926, FYF on 3410 m to Lisbon, Rabat, Alger
1928, FYK on 4152 m to Algeria, Tunisia
1935, FYQ on HF to Bamako
1936, FYT on HF to United States
1937, FYM2 on HF to Fort-de-France
1938, FYM on HF to Fort-de-France
1938, FYP on 3291 m to Europe and Near-East
1939, FYU on HF to Brazzaville, Dakar
1939; FYV on HF to Saigon, Tokyo

Station was occupied by Germans during the war and destroyed by them on 22 August 1944.
Damage was unrecoverable.
Three of the 4 remaining towers were destroyed in 1951.
Last one was destroyed in 1953.
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Main source : Leaflet by A Nicolazzi, Direction des télécommunications du réseau international  "Croix d'Hins ou historique de "Bordeaux - Lafayette" , 1977

Aug 2000 - 80th anniversary