18/03/2013   checking lowest frequency heard
                         3311    23H00   noise -  Not real, image of 3335
                         3335    23H01   noise/jamming/digital     (real)
                         3069    23H03   AM  image of 3080
                         3080    23H03   AM   S6   Radio China - Spanish    not on this freq
                         3000    23H05   AM   S5   Radio Romania Int.  Engl  - not on this freq !
                         3413    23H15   USB   Volmet - very weak (compared to what it should be)
                         3723    23H17   LSB   Ham  EA  (weak)
                         3740    23H19  LSB   Ham   weak
                         3985    23H23   AM   S5  Voice of Croatia
                         5060    23H30   AM   S9   Voice of Turkey  Eng  (ok!)
                         5991    23H34   AM   S9+6dB  Image of 6015  > the real 5990 cannot be heard!
                         6015    23H35   AM   S9   Radio Romania Int,  Engl
                         6060    23H37   AM   S7   Voice of Iran, Arabic,   also heard on 6036 !
                         6175    23H39   AM   S8   Radio China Int  - Spanish   also heard on 5151   S7
                         7220    23H41   AM   S9   R. Romana Intl.   Engl.    also heard on 7196  S9
                         7350    23H43   AM   S9   R. China Intl.  Engl.     also heard on 7326  !
19/03/2013         9965    00H07   AM   S7   R. Cairo    also heard on 9941    S7
                         9800    00H09   AM    S4  R. China Intl, Spanish  - also heard on 9776   S5
                         9750    00H11   AM   S5   Voice of Russia , Spanish      - also heard on 9726 
                         9590    00H14   AM   S7   R. China Intl - Spanish  - also heard on 9566   S7
19/03/2013   checking DRM
                         9450    07H10   DRM  RRI German  90kW decoded on 9426   (screenshot)
                         9780    07H13   DRM   REE  S5   too weak 
                         7355    07H15   DRM   BBC WS   S9   decoded on 7331  16,92kbps   24,7dB  + Journaline (screen)
                         11635  07H20   DRM   VOR Engl  S7  13,6 kbps  decoded on 11661  (screenshot)
                         5875    07H30   DRM   BBC WS   S9  decoded on 5851  S8   16,92kbps (screenshot)
                         9780    07H44   DRM   REE    17,46kbps   still too weak    9,1dB  (screenshot)
19/03/2013   checking highest frequency heard
                         17895   12H33   AM   Arabic  S5 - also on 17871  S7
                         17755   12H36   AM   V of Turkey, german, S7  - also on 17731  S8
                         17765   12H38   AM   R Romania Intl, Engl  S6  - also on 17741  S8
                         17705   12H39   AM   Saudi Arabia, arabic, S6  - also on 17681   S9!
                         17650   12H41   AM   chineese  S6  - also 17626  S6
                         21570   12H44   AM   R Romania Intl   S6  - also on 21546  S8
                         21540   12H45   AM   Kuwait, Arabic  S9 - also on 21516  S9
                         21505   12H46   AM   Saudi Arabia, arabic  S8   - also on 21481  S9+
Note: found several cases where signal is stronger on "duplicate" freq.
19/03/2013         5505     22H52   USB  Shannon Air Met Report    S4 also heard on 5481 LSB
Below,  ticking the "DAC" box on the Soft66ADH Control Panel and checking low frequencies
19/03/2013          1206     23H03  AM   France Info Néac (local!)   S7
                            seem to be some birdies.  to be checked.
                           1997     23H12  AM  Radio Romania Intl, Engl, S9 !  but not on this freq! also on 1989
                                                  disappears if you unclick the "DAC"
                           2043    23H15   AM R. China, spanish  S8 !   but not on this freq.  also on 2051 S8
                           6175    23H25   AM  R. China, spanish  S9  - also on 6151  S9+  (DAC has no effect) 
19/03/2013          3965    23H32   DRM   RFI S7  14,56kbps   decoded on 3941  - weak  11dB
Note: I found the way to decode DRM on right frequency instead of reversed one.
Just tick the  "Flip input spectrum" on Dream display window.
22/03/2013               8728     09H20    USB  S6   Monaco Radio  (MAR)
22/03/2013    Checking medium waves at mid day.
Should be heard : Spain on 1485, 1476,1107,  990, 900, 855, 774, 756, 639, 558
                           France on 1206, 945, 792, 711
What I hear  : 1206  and 1182 (poor)  which is only local tx.
Just means will need to try a real medium wave coil ant  instead of dipole.
22/03/2013             9625      12H09    DRM   S8   Voice of Russia , quite solid signal with two audio channels:
                                                  RUVR 3A English at  12.58kbps   (screen)  and RUVR 3B Russian at 8,38 kbps (screen
                               5450       20H40    RAF Volmet  S4
                               5505       20H45    Shannon Volmet    S5
                               3413       20H57     Shannon Volmet    S4
                               1650       21H03     CROSS  Meteo     very weak
                               2677       21H05     CROSS  Meteo    S3 very weak    (non readable...)
Checking MW  : Again except the local 1206, stations were not found where they are supposed to be...
                        Found this FIXED by ticking   " L>R "
                        After this,  confirmed 1440kHz,  1089kHz,  1467 kHz received at right place   (not so strong)
                            Mostly noise below 1 MHz
22/03/2013            9950     21H46     DRM   S8   All India Radio  20,8 kbps - solid copy   (screen)
                              5616     22H22    USB   S5   Gander Radio    (weak)
                              5598     22H37    USB   S5   Santa Maria
Note : Still need to find how to filter the image frequency.  QuickStart guide seems to explain it
            except that.....  I do not have those buttons on my screen  (CAL.... et )
23/03/2013            9625     09H15   DRM   S7   Voice of Russia, solid copy, two audio channels
                                                            RUVR 3A  12,58kbps  German (screen) + RUVR 3B 8,38kbps English (screen)
24/03/2013           15120   19H32   DRM  Voice of Nigeria - English - S6 - 9,18kbps - solid  (screen)
This is where I could fix the image (non) rejection problem
with some exchanges on YahooGroup G8JCFSDR
See the Utilisation  section
05/04/2013         9810      16H05    AM     French    Radio Roumanie   S9+
                           9579      16H06    AM     French    Medi1   S9
                         11690      16H07    AM     French    Radio Chine Int   S9
                         11950      16H08    AM     French    R Roumanie   S9
                           9900      16H09    AM     French    Voix de la Russie   S8
                         11635      16H10    AM     French    Voix de la Russie  S8
                         15245      16H11    AM     French    Voix de la Corée  (Pyongyang)    S6
                           9730      16H12    AM     English    Voice of Vietnam    S8
                           7280      16H13    AM     English    Voice of Vietnam   S7
                         11965      16H14    AM     English    Radio China Intl   S9
                         15140      16H16    DRM  Russian   All India Radio Khampur   20,88kbps  21dB    (screen)
                           9880      17H15    DRM  Italian     Voice of Russia RUVR 3A  14,56kbps   22dB   (screen)
                         13765      17H20    AM     French     Radio Vatican   S9
                         15570      17H20    AM     French     Radio Vatican   S9
                         11690      17H21    AM     French     Radio Chine Intl   S9+
                         15300      17H22    AM     French     RFI    S6
                           9900      17H23    AM     French     Voix de la Russie   S8
                         11636      17H23    AM     French     Voix de la Russie   S9
                           9810      17H25    AM     French      DW   S7
                         12070      17H25    AM     French      DW   S6
                         15275      17H26    AM     French      DW   weak
                         15700      17H26    AM     French      DW  weak
                           7465      17H30    AM     French      Radio Tirana    S9
                           1206      17H32    AM     French      France Info   S9+
                           3965      17H35    DRM  French      RFI   14,56kbps   19dB    poor    (screen)
06/04/2013       21070      14H44    BPSK31   Ham  UA3AIU   (screen)
                         17660      15H30    AM      French     Arabie Saoudite  S9
                         17860      16H05    MFSK16    VOA Radiogram Test   (fully copied)   (screen)
                         17860      16H21    MT63-2000   VOA Radiogram Test (just copied few words)   (screen)
                         21083      16H46    RTTY 45     Ham contest      (screen)
07/04/2013         5745      02H45    MT63-2000  VOA Radiogram     (screen) (screen)  (screen)
07/04/2013       15670      19H35    MFSK16  VOA Radiogram   (screen)   very weak sigs
                         15670      19H38    MT63-500   VOA Radiogram   (screen)
                         15670      19H43    MT63-1000   VOA Radiogram   (screen)
                         15670      19H51    MT63-2000   VOA Radiogram   (screen)
07/04/2013        7880       21H15    WEEFAX 576      (screen)
                          7880       21H42    WEEFAX 576      (screen)
14/04/2013  While checking this weekends Radiogram from VOA, I notice  the signal level
is quite unreadable on SDR while audible on TS480. So I will do the report withour SDR this week...

At this step It appears I need to work on all the level settings and on the soundcards 
exact role and settings.    See utilisation section